all about accessories: 甜蜜約會

May 11, 2015

christine 0232X SWEET DATING

下班,無論約了三五知己happy hour,還是與情人約會,總希望撇掉上班時的正規鬱悶,兩三件焦點飾物有助其發揮作用,為造型移形換影,輕鬆搶鏡。以針織上衣塑造溫婉可人的感覺,再配戴珍珠系飾物,親切感立時而生。

5.MaCo MA151ORS10 W08 HKD 1900 25 SWEET DATING

MO&CO. @LAB CONCEPT Gold Collar Necklace with Pearl & Stone $1,900


2.LC Joomi Lim 14 HKD3250 SWEET DATING

JOOMI LIM @LANE CRAWFORD Pearl Necklace with Amphibole $3,250

1.Daydream Nation NEC 151 28 1 42 SWEET DATING

DAYDREAM NATION Bead Necklace $720


3.LC Lulu Frost 16 HKD2290 SWEET DATING

LULU FROST @LANE CRAWFORD Clips Earrings with Pearls $2,290


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