January 27, 2014

從20 年代穿梭至70 年代,在光影水銀燈的影照下,演活了一代荷李活女星閃爍的銀色旅途。

147 fashionista star dust 01 FASHIONISTA: STAR DUST

Balenicaga Guetaria hat HKD8,100, white top HKD9,300

147 fashionista star dust 02 FASHIONISTA: STAR DUST

147 fashionista star dust 03 FASHIONISTA: STAR DUST

Chloe ribbon shirt HKD8,770, sailor jumper HKD7,470, wide leg pants, HKD7,270, two tone pump HKD5,300, Chanel pearl necklace HKD12,400, Camelia brooch TBC, straw hat (stylist’s own)

147 fashionista star dust 04 FASHIONISTA: STAR DUST

Louis Vuitton Poulard silk twill top HKD5,600, Hermes black and white enamel bangle HKD5,700, blue and green enamel bangle HKD5,000

147 fashionista star dust 05 FASHIONISTA: STAR DUST

Gucci halter neck see through polka dots jumpsuit HKD38,900

147 fashionista star dust 06 FASHIONISTA: STAR DUST

Chanel Art Deco earrings TBC, blue and cream color long cardigan HKD35,900, two tone color swimsuit HKD7,700

147 fashionista star dust 07 FASHIONISTA: STAR DUST

Chanel pearl necklaces HKD12,400, Hermes white big enamel bangle HKD7,100, black and white small enamel bangle HKD5,000, black and white big enamel bangle HKD8,300, Jean Paul Gaultier blue striped knit top HKD4,980, Marc by Marc Jacobs black and white high waist pants HKD5,590

147 fashionista star dust 08 FASHIONISTA: STAR DUST

Atsuro Tayama silk black blazer HKD6,995, Marc by Marc Jacobs black and white stars pattern jumpsuit HKD4,890, Valentino mesh pumps HKD7,900

Photo: Dennis Yong
Text & styling: Perky Choi
Hair: Jacky Leung @ Il Colpo
Make up: Vinci Tsang
Model: Madelene @ Model One

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