編輯推介: 普普藝術主義

February 4, 2014

繽紛趣怪、充滿玩味的眼睛圖案,以幽默的pop art手法融入枯燥乏味的都市生活,為生活增添點點笑意。
Exploding with witty, quirky, eye-popping prints, infuse your boring urban life with some humorous pop art elements, and inject some laughter into your life.

147 editors pick art pop 01 EDITORS PICKS: ART POP

(from top to bottom)
Fendi Bag Bugs wallet HKD5,600
MCM Black Beyond Snowdome pouch HKD4,200
Fendi Fox trim Bag Bugs baguette HKD22,400

Photo: Dennis Yong
Text & styling: Perky Choi

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