編輯推介: 一年之計

January 7, 2014

一年將盡,是時候為新一年定下大計了。繼往年的Calephant 和Owlendar 後,RMM Objects 今年便以酷愛自由的Mr. Blue Whale 為主角,沿用Calephant的手工概念,並以繪本圖書為包裝,可把每頁的月曆卡安放其中,讓東京、赫爾辛基、紐約、巴黎、倫敦和莫斯科等12個有着美麗河流和港口的城市風景點綴案頭,共藍鯨先生尋覓各地特色。
Following the success of Calephant and Owlendar, RMM Objects chooses the unconstrained Blue Whale as the main character for the 2014 calendar. Inspired by children’s books, you may create different scenes for your desktop with the calendar cards – let Mr Blue Whale share with you his interesting stories of these 12 cities which possess beautiful rivers and harbours, including Santorini, Varanasi, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul and Istanbul.

editor pick happy new year 01 EDITORS PICK: HAPPY NEW YEAR

RMM Objects DO YOU KNOW by Mr. Blue Whale 2014 calendar HKD250 @ Kapok, Kubrick, PageOne, 誠品書店

Dennis Yong
Text: Maggie Lee

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