September 27, 2013
Without Pictures or Conversations DUALITIES I: DICHROMATIC ALLURE

Without Pictures or Conversations – by Abigail Box

Dualities is a series of duo shows featuring old and new works by Identity Art Gallery’s portfolio of artists. First comes the duo
show Dichromatic Allure, featuring the complementing works of artists Abigail Box and Terry Batt, the show is a visual feast of colliding colors, a juxtaposition of surreal, precision aesthetic with a spontaneous, captivating play of light and perception.

Date now until Oct 26
Time 11am-7pm (Tue-Sat)
Venue Identity Art Gallery, 53 Tung Street, Sheung Wan
Enquiry +852 2540 5353 – http://www.identityartgallery.com

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